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    ACL Repair

    ACL Repair

    ACL (or cruciate ligament) repair is a surgery that we are very familiar with at Simcoe Veterinary Hospital.  An ACL tear often occurs in the medium to large sized dogs, although it can occur in smaller dogs and even cats.  The ACL is a ligament in the knee and it is often injured when the pet is involved in high energy activites like running or jumping.  It is a very painful condition with the pet often limping badly on the affected rear leg or not using the leg at all.  We diagnose the condition with careful palpation and usually with an xray.  A surgical repair is generally required to fix the condition and should not be delayed as arthritis begins immediately after the injury and will cause pain and decreased function of the joint in the future.  After anesthetizing the pet we place an epidural which allows us to minimize the overall anesthesia required and increases post-operative comfort.  An incision is made into the affected knee joint and it is inspected.  The damaged tissue is removed and flushed out.  Heavy gauge nylon line is then used as an artificial liagment to stabilize the knee like the ACL would have done before it was injured.  The pet will spend a night in hospital and go home with more pain medication.  They have a specific exercise regime for the next few months while they heal and become stronger.

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