• Dental

    Of all the preventative health measures you can take for your pet, maintaining good dental health is perhaps the most important.  Oral conditions like tartar and gum disease produce more than just bad breath.  If left untreated, they can lead to a host of other, more serious medical conditions such as heart, liver and kidney disease.  Keeping your pet’s mouth clean and healthy is a critical component to enjoying a happy, healthy and long life.

    At Simcoe Veterinary Hospital we take the oral health of our patients seriously.  We include an examination of the teeth and gums and full dental cleaning as part of our comprehensive wellness program.  In addition, we offer a full range of veterinary dental care for our patients, from dental scaling to more complex procedures like tooth extractions, dental x-rays and dental surgery.  We also work with our clients to provide advice and instruction on how to help maintain good oral health at home, in between visits.  Our goal is to work together as a team to ensure that your pet enjoys good dental health for life.

    What to Watch For:

    Because our pets can’t talk, they can’t tell us when their teeth or gums are bothering them.  As a loving pet owner, you are your pet’s advocate so it’s important to watch for subtle signals that your animal may be suffering from a possible dental condition.  Such symptoms may include:

    • Bad Breath
    • Plaque and Tartar Build-up
    • Sensitivity or Pawing at the Mouth
    • Difficulty or Discomfort while Chewing
    • Bleeding or Inflamed Gums
    • Loose or Missing Teeth

    If you notice your pet exhibiting any of these symptoms or behaviors give us a call.