Get the Jump on Ticks with Bravecto

Worried about ticks snacking on your pet this spring? You should be—ticks come out of hiding to snack on our beloved pets before fleas and mosquitoes do, and they can transmit Lyme disease, too.

Ticks are usually most active between 4 and 25 degrees Celsius, so we strongly recommend that you start your pet on their tick prevention routine as early as March 1st.

If you’re concerned that ticks are prevalent around your home, putting your pet at greater risk of exposure, or have recently found a tick on your pet, please call us right away to speak with our staff about keeping your four-legged family member protected from these nasty little bugs.

You can contact us at (705) 726-8002 or with questions, and to find out how to get your pet started on tick prevention as soon as possible.