Is Your Pet Protected Against Parasites?

flea-life-cycle2Everyone’s out and about now that the weather’s warmer; this includes parasites! Flea pupae and roundworm eggs can live out the winter in a dormant state, and emerge in the spring ready to propagate. Once it’s warm enough for 30 consecutive days, mosquitoes carrying heartworm disease are able to transmit their larvae.

To keep your pet protected and healthy during these warmer months, we recommend treating them with Advantage Multi, the topical of choice for preventing a variety of internal and external parasites. There’s a very good chance there are parasites lurking just outside your house, so be prepared!

Advantage Multi is a highly effective parasite preventative that not only prevents heartworm disease in pets, but also functions as a de-wormer and flea preventative. Advantage Multi can kill fleas in as little as 5 minutes—before the flea can even bite.

For more information about Advantage Multi, please contact our office. We want your pet to be happy and healthy as long as possible!