Barrie Pet Behaviour Counseling

Do you constantly find yourself saying “bad dog” or “no” to your canine companion? Is your dog’s bad behaviour negatively affecting your relationship? Thousands of pets exhibit behavioural issues for a number of reasons, but the good news is that many of these issues can be corrected. Here in Barrie, we offer pet behaviour counseling so your four-legged friend can be a more enjoyable, better-behaved companion. To get started, simply call us to schedule a consultation. We’ll speak with you about your pet’s symptoms so we can help find the source of your pet’s misbehaviour. This information allows to make treatment recommendations or a referral to a pet behaviour specialist.

Contrary to popular belief, pet behavioural counseling is not the same as pet training. Training a pet involves teaching basic commands and actions (good manners), and it’s usually done when a pet is young. Counseling, on the other hand, involves evaluating the emotional state of a pet and is most often necessary when a pet is an adult. Pet behaviour consulting takes into account a pet’s responses to certain stimuli, whether it’s an object, sound, or person.

Common Pet Behaviour Problems

There are many negative behaviours that a pet can exhibit in response to various elements in their surroundings that make them uncomfortable. Some of the most common pet behaviours that we encounter include:

  • Separation anxiety (often displayed by tearing up objects in the home)
  • Biting/aggressive behaviour (growling, etc.)
  • Obsessive compulsive behaviours
  • Phobias (such as those associated with noisy household items)
  • Urinating and defecating in the home

If you’d like to schedule a pet behaviour counseling visit at Simcoe Veterinary Hospital, call us at 705-726-8002. We want to help you get to the bottom of your pet’s negative behaviours, so your four-legged friend can be the fun-loving friend you always knew they could be! Call us today!