Veterinary Diagnostics

At Simcoe Veterinary Hospital in Barrie, pet X-rays are just some of the exceptional diagnostic tools we utilize. We believe in providing complete veterinary services for our patients at all times, ensuring that they are receiving all of the treatment they need at all times. Our hospital is equipped with a range of diagnostic tools to ensure that we have what we need to get the job done. Diagnostic services we offer include:

Complete In-House Laboratory
Our in-house laboratory allows us to process your pet’s diagnostic tests—generally blood, stool, and urine tests—quickly and efficiently to check for underlying health conditions.

Digital X-Rays
We utilize full-body X-rays to examine your pet’s body in places that cannot be examined with the naked eye. X-rays are often used to check bones and organs and to identify foreign bodies in the digestive system.

Pet Diagnostics in Barrie

Digital Dental X-Rays
Digital dental X-rays are an important tool during professional dental procedures. We use this tool to examine your pet’s mouth to check for diseased teeth, broken teeth, abscesses, and more, which often cannot be identified by simply examining the mouth.

We are proud to provide the services of a traveling ultrasonographer who can come to Simcoe Veterinary Hospital by appointment. Ultrasound is used to examine the function of the organs in the body, giving us a clear view of the internal body in motion. This tool often is useful for identifying health conditions and preparing our surgeons for a procedure.