Barrie House Call Vet Service

Does your dog whine and howl when it’s time to go to the vet? Is the carrier your cat’s least favourite place to be? Or are you just currently without transportation? Whatever the reason is that’s keeping you from bringing your pet to the vet, Simcoe Veterinary Hospital can help. Our Barrie house call vet service is the solution for pet owners who are unable to travel to our hospital. The last thing we want is for a pet owner to skip their pet’s veterinary visits, which could mean that their pet misses out on much-needed preventive care and treatment. With our pet mobile, we bring our veterinary services to you!

How It Works

When your pet is due for a wellness exam, vaccine update, or any other routine visit, give us a call to request an at-home visit. We’ll then schedule an appointment to bring our pet mobile, equipped with all the tools and equipment needed to care for your pet. We make pet house calls on specific days and by appointment only, so please plan accordingly when requesting a house call. This service is offered primarily for routine care, such as exams and vaccinations. If your pet is in need of another service, please let us know, and we’ll do our best to accommodate them, if possible.

Benefits of House Call Veterinary Services

Having a vet who comes to you to care for your four-legged friend is obviously a convenient option that offers many benefits for you and your pet, such as:

  • No hassle or inconvenience associated with carriers or leashes
  • No related driving risks
  • Your pet can be more at relaxed during the exam
  • Stress and anxiety levels can be reduced or eliminated
  • Saves you time, making it a perfect choice for the busy pet owner

Please call us at 705-726-8002 if you’d like to learn more about our Barrie house call services or if you’d like to request an at-home visit for your pet. We look forward to caring for your pet in the comfort of your home!